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If you are in need of fireplace installation, be sure to give our team of HETAS approved installers a call. Rugby Stove Installations have been installing a wide range of fireplaces that fit the aesthetic of our customers homes for years. A functional fireplace may provide vitality and warmth to your house that central heating alone cannot provide. Furthermore, it adds a real sense of traditional comfort and makes your home more appealing. For further information, please get in touch.

Fireplace around stove

Diverse Range Of Fireplaces

There are many options available if you’re searching for a fireplace for your house from our diverse range of styles. You can choose from surrounds made of stone, marble and wood. Our supply of surrounds and mantels is sourced from a carefully chosen group of vendors. These businesses provide excellent items and may modify designs to suit the requirements of our clients. Thanks to many years in the industry, we have created long-standing relationships with the businesses we work with, as well as our customers. To book a fireplace installation, give us a call.


There’s something really classic and appealing about a stone fireplace. So they are still a popular choice among many of our customers. Whether you’re looking for something periodic, or something more modern and bespoke, we are on hand to assist you. Stone fireplaces retain heat for a long time, perfect for those colder months.


A marble fireplace is the best option if you want to add a custom element to your living area. It is not only a chic addition to your house, but it also infuses classic value and elegance. To meet your specific demands, we provide made-to-measure options in a variety of colours and styles.


Due to the heat from the stove, we use non-combustible beams made from mineral composite. They are moulded from actual wooden beams to look incredibly realistic and come in a choice of colours. The use of wood in your home’s features help give it a cosy, historic vibe, while also enhancing the warmth of a given space. We provide and install wooden fireplaces that are guaranteed to be of high quality in terms of both craftsmanship and materials. To learn more about all of our fireplaces, be sure to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Wooden beam on top of stove
Large wooden fireplace

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